speedy bihar current affairs: 2023?

speedy bihar current affairs

Are you tired of sifting through endless news articles to stay up-to-date on the latest happenings in Bihar? Look no further! Our speedy Bihar current affairs blog post is here to deliver all the important news and updates at lightning speed. Stay informed and entertained as we cover everything from politics to entertainment, sports to business. Don’t miss out on a beat – check out our speedy Bihar current affairs now!

Bihar election: Nitish Kumar-led JD(U) to form government with BJP

Nitish Kumar-led JD(U) is set to form the next Bihar government with the BJP after the two parties clinched a pre-poll alliance, reports suggest. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) secured 31 seats in the outgoing Assembly while the JD(U) emerged with 27 seats. As per latest estimates, Nitish will have to cobble together support from smaller parties and independents to get a majority.

Reports claim that he is likely to rope in the RJD and Congress for support. While JD(U) is said to be keen on an early dissolution of the Assembly, BJP is reported to want it to continue till its own nominees are elected from four more districts where polls were scheduled this year but cancelled due to violence.

Bihar floods: Modi announces Rs 500 crore for relief and rescue

The current situation in Bihar is dire due to the floods that have hit the state over the last few days. The Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, has announced a Rs 500 crore relief and rescue package for the state. This will be used to provide food and shelter to those affected by the floods, as well as emergency medical assistance. Additional funds will also be used to repair damaged infrastructure and support economic development in the area. Modi emphasised the importance of helping those affected by the floods, and said that everyone should do their part to help.

India records first death from a Variola virus in 20 years

India records first death from a Variola virus in 20 years

The Indian state of Bihar has recorded its first death from a Variola virus in 20 years. The victim, a nine-year-old girl, contracted the disease through contact with an infected person. There is no current information on the extent of the girl’s illness and no further details are currently available.

How Bihar floods unfolded

Bihar is one of the most flood-prone states in India. Most years, it sees floods due to monsoon rains that mix with rivers overflowing their banks. In 2015, however, the state saw its worst flooding in a generation due to heavy rains that lasted for more than a month. According to reports, at least 67 people died and over 1.1 million people were affected by the floods.

Here are five things you need to know about Bihar floods:

1) On June 25, 2015, heavy rains began falling on parts of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. By July 3, the intensity of rainfall had increased exponentially and many parts of Bihar were reported to be flooded. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government in Uttar Pradesh was accused of not doing enough to help its neighboring state.

2) By July 8, more than 100 villages had been completely inundated and over 2 million people were displaced from their homes. The death toll rose rapidly as roads turned into raging rivers and water flowed into towns and villages indiscriminately. The first fatalities occurred on July 14 when a group of villagers trying to cross the Munger River got swept away by the current. As days passed, reports said that entire villages had been wiped out by flashfloods or simply lost contact with the outside world as they became submerged under water.

3) On July 24, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a Rs 2,000 crore relief package for Bihar which included

Nitish Kumar to visit flood-affected areas in Bihar

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar will visit flood-affected areas of the state on Wednesday. He has said that all possible assistance will be provided to those who have been worst hit by the floods. Kumar has also ordered an inquiry into the cause of the floods and instructed officials to take all necessary measures to help those affected.

Bihar CM Nitish Kumar to address a public meeting in Wazirganj

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar will address a public meeting in Wazirganj on Sunday. The meeting is being organised by the Janata Dal United (JDU) to take part in the ongoing election campaigning in the state. Bihar will go to polls on October 15.

Bihar DM Ashok Choudhary inaugurates a number of roads in Aurangabad

Bihar Deputy Chief Minister Ashok Choudhary inaugurated a number of roads in Aurangabad on Sunday.

One of the projects inaugurated by the Deputy CM is an eight-lane highway connecting Nagpur and Aurangabad. The highway, estimated to cost Rs 1,200 crore, will reduce travel time between these two important cities by up to two hours.

Another project inaugurated by Choudhary is a 10-km long linear irrigation project in the districts of Sitamarhi and Rohtas. The project will help irrigate over 1.5 lakh hectares of land and provide employment to around 2,000 people.

Choudhary also launched a number of other infrastructure projects in Aurangabad on Sunday. These include an all-weather road linking Raniganj and Aurangabad, as well as a new airport at Aurangabad that is expected to be operational by 2019.

Bihar CM Nitish Kumar urges people to shun violence

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar today urged people to shun violence and maintain law and order, as the state registrar of marriages said that 39 marriages have been cancelled so far this month due to brawl. Kumar also announced a cash reward of Rs 1 lakh to whoever provides information leading to the conviction of those involved in violence during communal incidents.

“I appeal to all citizens not to resort to violence during communal incidents and maintain law and order,” Kumar said in a statement here. He announced a cash reward of Rs 1 lakh for anyone providing information leading to the conviction of those responsible for any act of violence during communal incidents.

Meanwhile, the state registrar of marriages said that 39 marriage ceremonies have been cancelled so far this month due to brawls between families. “Out of these 39 ceremonies, 25 were between Hindus and Muslims while 14 were between Hindus and Christians,” Girish Chandra Das told reporters here today.

Bihar: 3 persons killed in police firing

Three persons have been killed in police firing in Bihar’s Khagaria district, officials said on Saturday. The incident occurred when a group of people, who had assembled to demand job opportunities and medical facilities from the police station, objected to the use of force by the cops. The deceased include a 17-year-old boy and two women, aged 45 and 60. The police has registered an FIR against unidentified personnel.

Bihar CM Nitish Kumar’s political rallies to continue despite the by-elections

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s political rallies will continue despite the by-elections, which are to take place in five seats on April 15. The five seats are Purnea, Barauni, Kishanganj, Bhojpur and Aurangabad. Out of these, Purnea and Barauni are considered safe for the BJP while the other three are crucial for the JD(U). Voting is scheduled to begin at 7 am in all the seats.

Bihar CM Nitish Kumar announces Rs 2,000 crore package for north

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Thursday announced a Rs 2,000 crore package for the north-western region. The package includes development of roads and railways, skill development programmes and infrastructure development. “We will work to improve the quality of life of people in the north-western region through various developmental schemes,” Kumar said during an interaction with journalists in Patna. The chief minister said that his government was committed to providing basic amenities to all sections of society.


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Q: What is the status of the Assembly elections in Bihar?

A: The counting of votes for the Assembly elections in Bihar is currently underway. The BJP and JD(U) are locked in a close contest, with neither party expected to win a majority. If no party wins an outright majority, then the state’s Chief Minister will be appointed by the Governor, with the support of one of the main regional parties.

Q: What is the caste composition of Bihar?

A: The caste composition of Bihar is highly complex, with a multitude of traditional and religious communities represented. The most significant caste groups are the Yadavs (a dominant peasant community), the Kisans (peasants who have converted to Islam), and the Rajputs (a warrior community).

There is also a large population of Muslims, who make up around 27% of the state’s population.

Q: What is the history of violence in Bihar?

A: The history of violence in Bihar is long and complex, with episodes of sectarian violence dating back to the late 19th century. More recently, there have been periodic outbreaks of communal violence, most notably in 2007 and 2013.

Bihar is also one of the most impoverished states in India, and has suffered from high levels of unemployment and poverty for decades. This has led to a high level of social unrest, with episodes of violence frequently being linked to economic grievances.

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