CBSE Class 12 Business Studies Sample Papers with Solutions by Experts! Last Minute Revision: CBSE Term 2 Exam

Check here and solve CBSE Class 12 Business Studies Sample Papers by Experts for Term 2 Board Exam 2022 here. Also, see the answers to each question here.

CBSE Class 12 Business Studies Term 2 Board Exam will be held on May 17, 2022. Check sample paper set by experts to score good marks in CBSE Business Studies Exam (Term 2) 2022. Given below are questions with solutions. as well. Students appearing for CBSE Term 2 Business Studies Exam 2022 must solve questions to score well in the exam.

CBSE Class 12 Business Studies Paper by Expert: Questions

  1. Rekha is running a diagnostic center in New Delhi. He has recently taken the franchise of a well-known brand to expand his business. To meet the growing demand of manpower, it put an advertisement in the local newspaper and shortlisted some candidates after conducting the selection test. Identify and explain the next four steps that they need to follow in the respective selection
  2. Nisha Sethi was working as Human Resource Manager in a renowned consultancy firm, KLI Global Services. Her job included preparing job descriptions, recruiting, developing compensation and incentive plans, and facilitating employee learning. He had tied up with institutions to ensure continuing education of his employees. With jobs becoming more and more complex, KLI Global Services has invested a large amount of money to help employees learn the skills they need to complete the jobs. Giving any three points, state how the organization is likely to benefit from this investment.
  3. A public transport corporation has hired 2000 buses for different routes for the commuters of a metropolis. Advertisement was given in the newspaper to fill the vacancies and many applicants applied for it. The company will now have to initiate the process of selection to identify and select the best. Explain the first six steps involved in the process.
  4. Explain in one sentence how guidance initiates an action in management.
  5. Mention any two elements of guidance.
  6. Mention the element of direction which helps in applying the theory of a scalar series.
  7. What is meant by financial incentive? Mention any two financial incentives,
  8. Describe the concept of authoritative leadership and state its advantages?
  9. Which two steps in the process of control are related to compelling events to confirm the plan? Explain
  10. How does dosage control help ‘determine the accuracy of standards’ and ‘ensure order and discipline’?
  11. How is critical point control implemented in the control process?
  12. Discuss the two objectives of financial planning.
  13. Financial management is based on three broad financial decisions. What are these?

CBSE Class 12 Business Studies Duration 2: Specialist Sample Paper Solutions

north. 1

There are next 4 steps in the selection process:-

(i) Employment Interview:

(ii) Reference and Background Check:

(iii) Selection Decision:

(iv) Medical Examination

north. 2. Benefits of training to the organization:

(i) It avoids wasted efforts and money as training is systematic teaching, better than hit and test methods.

(ii) It increases employee productivity both in terms of quantity and quality leading to higher profits.

(iii) It prepares the future manager to take charge in case of emergency.

(iv) It reduces employee turnover as it increases employee morale and reduces absenteeism.

(v) It helps in getting effective response in fast changing environment.

Answer 3. (i) Initial Screening

(ii) Selection Test

(iii) Employment Interview:

(iv) Reference and background check

(v) Selection Decision:

(vi) Medical Examination

Answer 4, Directing initiates action by giving orders to the employees to achieve the desired goal of an organization.

Answer 5.

(i) Supervision

(ii) Leadership

Answer 6. Communication helps in applying the principle of a scalar chain.

north. 7. Financial incentives refer to those incentives which are in direct monetary form and serve to motivate people to perform better.

There are two financial incentives:

  1. Salary and Allowances: Salary is the basic monetary incentive for every employee. This includes basic pay, dearness allowance and other allowances.
  2. Productivity Linked Wage Incentives: Many wage incentives are linked to increased productivity at the individual or group level. For example, a worker is paid Rs 50 per piece if he produces 50 pieces in a day, but if he produces more than 50 pieces in a day, he gets Rs 5 per piece. Additional payment is made. In this way, Rs 55 will be given to him on the 51st piece.

Answer 8. In authoritarian leadership under this style, the leader concentrates all authority on himself and instructs subordinates what to do, when to do it; how to do it, etc. He also keeps a close watch and control over his subordinates. Subordinates are expected to do what they are told. The autocratic leader accomplishes consequences through the exercise of authority, fear of being deprived, punishment, and other negative rewards. As negative as it is in character, the authoritarian approach will only succeed in the short term.

Benefits of autocratic leadership:

  1. It provides for quick decision making because here only one person i.e. leader takes the decision.
  2. Most of the subordinates prefer to work under centralized authority and strict supervision.
  3. Confidential matters can be kept secret as there is no consultation with subordinates.
  4. Leadership gives strong motivation and satisfaction to the leader who sets the conditions.
  5. At lower levels, only less capable subordinates are needed.
  6. This style can give positive results if great speed is required.

north. 9. (i) Comparison of Actual Performance with Standards: When actual performance is measured, its results are compared with the standards. From this comparison, the deviation between the actual performance and the standard performance is worked out.

(ii) Taking corrective action: After the analysis of deviations, corrective action is taken. The type of corrective action to be taken depends on the factors causing the deviation.

Answer.10. In view of the accuracy of the standards. Control enables management to verify whether the standards set are accurate and objective. Ensuring order and discipline. Control ensures the maintenance of order and discipline by checking the undesirable activities of the employees.

Answer 11. Each organization identifies its key result areas/critical points that have a significant impact on the functioning of the business. Any deviation on these points should be immediately noticed by the management.

Example: If the expenditure on refreshments increases by 10% it can be ignored but if the cost of raw material increases by 5% then it requires managerial action.

Answer.12. Financial planning tries to achieve the following two objectives:

(i) To ensure the availability of funds as and when they are required it involves proper estimation of funds required for various purposes such as purchase of long term assets or to meet the day to day expenses of the business .

(ii) To see that the firm does not mobilize resources unnecessarily, excess funding is almost as bad as insufficient funding. Efficient financial planning ensures that funds are not raised unnecessarily to avoid unnecessary adding of costs.

Answer.13. Financial management is concerned with the resolution of three major issues relating to the financial operations of a firm, corresponding to the three questions of investment, financing and dividend decision. In financial terms, it means choosing the best financing option or the best investment option. Therefore, the finance function deals with three broad decisions which are as follows:-

(i) Investment Decision Investment decision is concerned with how the funds of the firm are invested in various assets.

(ii) Financial decision This decision is about the quantum of finance to be raised from various long term sources and short term sources. This includes identification of the various available sources of finance.

(iii) Dividend decision This decision is related to the distribution of dividend. Dividend is that part of profit which is distributed to the shareholders, the decision involved here is how much of the profit earned by the company is to be distributed to the shareholders and how much should be kept in the business to meet the investment requirements.

Hope the students enjoyed solving the above listed paper sets. Jagran Josh wishes all the best to all the students of CBSE Class 12 Business Studies for CBSE Term 2 Exam 2022.


CBSE Class 12 Exam 2022: Most Important Subjects in Economics, Accounts and Business Studies. CBSE Board Term 2

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