CBSE Board Exam 2022| CBSE Class 12 English Unseen Passages to Practice Before Term 2 Paper!

CBSE Class 12 English exam will be held tomorrow, May 13, 2022. Check and solve these unseen excerpts for proper revision for Class 12 English Board Exam 2, 2022. Students can check their reading skills at the last minute and get an idea of ​​how the English paper will be here. Solve the questions given below each passage to understand the paper pattern of the upcoming CBSE English Exam.

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CBSE Class 12 English Term 2 Exam 2022: Sample Paper by Experts for Last Minute Revision!

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CBSE Class 12 English Term 2 Exam 2022: Unseen Passage

1. Read the passage given below and answer the questions based on it.
1. International Yoga Day is also called World Yoga Day. In 2014, the United Nations General Assembly declared 21st June as International Day of Yoga on 11th December. Yoga in India is believed to be about 5,000 years old of mental, physical and spiritual practice. Yoga originated in India in ancient times when people used to meditate to transform their body and mind.

A special date to practice yoga all over the world and celebrate it as Yoga Day was initiated by the Indian Prime Minister at the United Nations General Assembly. World Yoga Day or International Day of Yoga was celebrated for the second time on 21 June 2016 by people across the world.

2. Yoga is essentially a spiritual discipline, which focuses on bringing harmony between body and mind. It is the art and science of living a healthy life. Yoga is very necessary and beneficial for all human beings if it is practiced by all people every morning. The official name of this day is UN International.

Yoga Day also called Yoga Day is a worldwide event which is celebrated by people of all countries through yoga, meditation, debates, meetings, discussions, various cultural performances etc.

3. Yoga is the practice of controlled movement of body parts and control of breath. It enhances the power of internal and external body and mind by connecting both with nature. It is not just a physical practice as it enables man to gain control over mental, emotional and spiritual thoughts. It can be practiced by people at any age in childhood, adolescence, adult or old age. It requires only safe, slow and controlled movement of the body along with controlled breathing. Anyone can practice yoga as it is irrespective of age, religion or health conditions. It provides a chance to lead a healthy life without physical and mental problems along with improving discipline and sense of power.

4. Yoga is a very safe, easy and healthy way to keep fit your whole life without any problem. All it needs is regular practice of body movements and correct way of breathing. It regulates the relationship between the three components of our body namely body, mind and spirit. It regulates the functioning of all the organs of the body and prevents the body and mind from getting disturbed due to some bad conditions and unhealthy lifestyle. It helps in maintaining health, wisdom and inner peace. By providing good health our physical needs are fulfilled, through knowledge it fulfills our psychological needs and through inner peace it fulfills spiritual needs thus it helps in maintaining harmony among all.

5. Regular practice of yoga in the morning provides external and internal relief by staying away from countless diseases at the physical and mental level. Practicing asanas or asanas strengthens the body and mind as well as creates a sense of well-being. It sharpens the human mind, improves intelligence and helps in higher levels of concentration by stabilizing feelings and emotions. A sense of well-being creates a helpful nature within us and thus enhances social well-being. Improved concentration level helps in meditation and provides a calming effect to the mind and inner peace. Yoga is like a practical philosophy that develops self-discipline and self-awareness within us through regular practice.

6. We cannot count the benefits of yoga, we can only understand it as a miracle which can be experienced by doing it regularly. It maintains physical fitness, reduces stress, regulates emotions and feelings, controls negative thoughts and feelings of general well-being, improves mental clarity, enhances self-understanding and connects with nature Is.

Solve these questions based on the unseen passage shared above

1. Every year World Yoga Day is celebrated on 21st June because:

(i) It originated and originated in India

(ii) It initiates mental, physical and spiritual practice

(iii) It initiates the transformation of body and mind

(iv) It was started by the Indian PM. had done

1. b) Yoga enables us to gain control.

(i) Physical health of all persons

(ii) Emotional well-being of people around the world

(iii) physical needs of a person

(iv) Our mental, emotional and spiritual thoughts

1. c) Yoga can be practiced by:

(i) people of any age

(ii) children up to a certain age

(iii) Juveniles and sick people only

(iv) Old people only

1. d) The sum regularizes the relation between:

(i) mind and body of a person

(ii) the mind and soul of a person

(iii) the body, mind and soul of a person,

(iv) Body and mind of a person.

1. e) Yoga is a practical reality that enhances our ability to:

(i) Control your emotions and know your character and feelings

(ii) Appear calm and be aware of your feelings

(iii) have a clear picture of one’s personality, character and feelings

(iv) Understand other people and know their character and feelings

1.2 Answer the following questions briefly:

(a) How is Yoga Day celebrated by the people of all countries?

(b) How does yoga connect us with nature?

(c) How does yoga fulfill our physical, mental and spiritual needs?

(d) What is the importance of asanas in yoga?

(e) State two advantages of yoga.

1.3 Find the words from the passage which have the same meaning: (2 marks)

(a) agreement

(b) assistant

2. Read the following passage:

  1. The deities reside in the country where women are worshiped according to the scriptures. Female feticide is an ironic but sad truth. It has become a serious social issue across the country. Female fetuses are killed in their mothers’ wombs through Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP) by a cruel society that prefers sons over daughters.
  2. In many traditional, conservative families, the girl is considered a liability or burden because of the malafide practice of demanding dowry at the time of marriage. Often, she has also been subjected to sexual harassment, molestation, rape and beating, making parents fear the prospect of raising, educating, protecting or marrying their daughters. Daily newspapers are full of reports of molestation, rape, acid throwing, sexual assault, bride beatings and burnings, fueling families’ fears about a girl child, all of which, in turn, can lead to abortion of the fetus. encourage the practice. In case it is determined to be female.
  3. There is a growing trend of misuse of prenatal techniques, which are used to determine prenatal deficiencies or impairments in a child. Aiding in the massacre of unborn girls are ultrasound clinics that work with parents to conduct sex-determination tests and kill the baby in the womb if it is detected as a girl. Such dishonest people deserve the harshest punishment but due to inadequacies in the law enforcement machinery they are able to evade the law in most of the cases.
  4. Traditional, conservative families are still unable to overcome their longing for a son as they believe that only sons can carry forward their family name and also take care of them in old age. They also believe in the belief that only when the last rites are performed by the son, the deceased attains salvation.
  5. according. According to the 2011 census, 914.23 girls were born for every 1,000 boys in the age group of 0-6 years. In contrast to 927.31 for every 1,000 boys in the 2001 census. Barring an improvement in the sex ratio in Kerala, Lakshadweep and Pondicherry, all other states have registered a decrease in the sex ratio. Maharashtra, Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Delhi, Chandigarh and Gujarat are noteworthy in the number of girls.
  1. But slowly, the winds of change are blowing across the society as girls are doing exceptionally well in various professions, bringing a sense of pride and identity to their families, cities and nation. He has broken all barriers and excelled in all fields, be it sports, armed forces, business or politics.
  2. As a result, societal attitudes towards women are changing, leading to their empowerment, yet we cannot say that it has put an end to the practice of female feticide as a change in mindset has reached all towns and cities. It will take time Country. Generally, after the birth of two or more girls, many parents go for sex-selective testing and proceed with the pregnancy only if the fetus is found to be male.
  3. In some rural areas where people cannot go for sex determination test, female feticide turns into female feticide in which a girl child is killed after birth. in unimaginably horrifying ways; He is strangled, poisoned, thrown in the dustbin, drowned, burnt alive or starved to death. Sadly, such crimes are perpetrated by mothers or other female members of the household as prisoners of their own regressive, medieval outlook.

solve the following questions

1.1 On the basis of your understanding of the passage, answer the following questions by choosing the most appropriate option. (1X5 = 5 marks)

  1. In many conservative families, a girl child is considered a liability or burden:

(i) Because they do not earn money.

(ii) Because of their low power.

(iii) Because of the evil practice of demanding dowry at the time of marriage.

(iv) Because of their lack of education

2. The main reason for the low status of women in the society is:

(i) Prosperity of men

(ii) their inability to earn money

(iii) less strength of women

(iv) extreme poverty and lack of education

3. Conservative Families Prefer Male Children Because They Think Boys Are:

(i) biologically strong and studied

(ii) able to bring the wife home

(iii) Legal heir to carry forward the family name

(iv) Privileged gender in the society

4. To prevent female feticide cases, we first need to educate:

(i) female members of the society

(ii) male members of the society

(iii) Parents

(iv) Elderly people

5. This passage deals largely with the ugly situation of:

(i) Uncontrolled sexual harassment

(ii) Dowry practices

(iii) uncontrolled tampering

(iv) Female feticide

1.2 Answer the following questions as briefly as possible. (1×7 = 7 points)

  1. What is the irony of women in India?
  2. How are prenatal techniques misused?
  3. What do people do in the absence of sex determination tests in some rural areas?
  4. In which state the sex ratio of females per 1000 males is decreasing?
  5. How are women performing in different fields?

1.3 Find out the words from the passage which are similar in meaning to the following: (1X2=2 marks)

(i) merciless (para 1)

(ii) Orthodox (para 2)

Hope the above two passages are useful for the students of Class 12 CBSE Board Term 2 Exam 2022. Congratulations!

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