समायोजित हुए शिक्षामित्रों को झटका, किया वेतन सूची से बाहर

Shicshamitr took the badge off from the assistant teachers is surrounded by new troubles. Pay wages to the brink of standing 281 Shicshamitra have been shown the way out at the end of the list.
Court hearing the ongoing confusion arose over the Shicshamitron kept bothering. BSA's verbal order process Shicshamitron quake zone was stopped.Rule on the instructions of the assistant teacher in the district in the first phase 945 Shicshamitron adjusted to the post of assistant teacher Shicshamitron built in 1446 in the second phase. After verification of educational certificates are issued for salary withdrawal. After verification of educational certificates in the last week of the first batch and the second batch of 39 242 Shicshamitron issuing wage orders issued by the BSA. At the end of the month to pay salary list job preventing the pair were named the new assistant teachers. Monday was the final list. On Tuesday, the wind blew the BSA office accounting department that Shicshamitron became the assistant teacher assistant teachers have been out of the list. Jutni Shicshamitron afternoon rush began, the officials apprised telephone. The matter came to the notice of true information Shicshamitron feet slid from under the earth. In Shicshamitron outrage spread.

District President of the association, says Vikram co Bhadoria primary Shicshamitr was upset that the department has deliberately. He would point to the BSA. Ask them what the name of the command carried out under the salary list. BSA Vinay Kumar added that the new names were deleted due to technical. This does not mean that they have been paid out of the list. Governance guide line has been sought. Come the final names to be added to the salary.