On honorarium payment Raging 72825 trainee teacher

On honorarium payment Raging 72825 trainee teacher.After six months' unpaid honorarium payment to trainee teachers on Tuesday sparked anger. Amria and Bisalpur protesting performed by the trainee teachers. The trainee teachers in Purnpur bordered on the BSA. Anybody in the accounting department of the honorarium payment bill BSA information given to trainee teachers.Purnpur. BRC trainee teacher after completing training in the form of procession from inside the DM Tehsil Day arrived, but before it had been DM. Trainee teachers DM besieged car convoy leaving behind BSA. Trainee teachers got out of the car to listen to the problem BSA siege to demand payment of honorarium. Trainee teachers say that six months is not one of those people paying honorarium. Officials have demanded to pay several times. By now they were mere assurances. BSA Ambarish Yadav said he had paid an honorarium to act on their level is sent to the accounting department. Honorarium contact the accounting department. The trainee teacher was not satisfied. He said the accounting department officials demanded payment of honorarium. The BSA said that the accounting department is not under them. Then the trainee teacher to observe the inking of DM CHC reached there on, but not arriving at DM CHC trainee teacher returned undeliverable.
Amria. Block Resource Center on Tuesday gathered all trainee teachers. Here he did not receive honorarium six months slogans in protest performed. Khem Singh submitted a memorandum addressed to the Chief Abiarsi. The memo referred to in the original appointment and sought to provide a six-month repayment. Rajendra Gangwar, Neeraj Gangwar, Virendra Kumar, khateeb, compassion Goud, Zubair, Malkit Singh, Mohnswrup, Meenakshi, Ramesh Singh, Harpreet Singh, Jitendra Chaudhary, Neha Rani, Rajni, Ashish Surabhi are included.
Bisalpur. All trainee teachers as planned on Tuesday gathered in BRC premises and six months protesting against the Department of Basic Education to meeting honorarium not performed. Protesters went Tehsil office BP Singh submitted a memorandum to the SDM. Kuldeep Neeraj, Anil, skill, Nishu, Sunil, Gopal, Vipin, Yogesh, Amit, MK Gangwar, Rohit, Rvindsonali, amethyst, Priyanka, Pushpa, Lokesh, Anil, etc. are durgesh.