Math-science teacher recruitment applications starts from 14 to 24

Math-science teacher in primary schools to recruit tet to be passed on to those 82 points from 14 to 24 August will be the online application. Basic Education Board Secretary Sanjay Sinha has issued orders to this effect on Wednesday.
for teacher recruitment will be made on the online application. Passed in 2013, the application will not be eligible for the tet.
The Department of Basic Education mathematics or science in higher primary schools to recruit 29 334 teachers in pre-application counseling Taking seven steps have been made. At the time the application was made at that time was believed to have tet 2011 those 83 points, but later on the orders of the High Court on those 82 points have been assumed. Math-science teachers to be recruited on the basis of academic merit, so the Basic Education Department on the orders of the High Court tet 82 points in 2011 than those who have decided to apply. Based on this application until 24 August will be online. Any subsequent application will not be considered.

The appointment letter will clear the way
Tet on 82 points after taking applications from those who have completed the process of counseling as soon as soon as the math-science teacher will clear the way for the characters to the appointment letter. Basic Education Council taking applications from those who want the 82 points should be made immediately after the counseling, the recruitment process should be completed soon.
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