How to get a job after college

After finishing college dreams that all students find jobs as quickly as possible. Especially if their age is 20-25 years. After leaving college, some students are also confuse them what to do.
If you want a job after college These 6 things:
1. Create Linkdin Profile: First comes the strong profile and a good platform. You Profain on Linkdin Create and school, college attached to the information posted Aktiviti. The work in its summer camps also can write.
2. Update your blog: a survey of 10 students at the same WordPress is blog. First you create your blog. Like if you want to design a website to share it on the Awrsoshl media. You can write your personal interest, ranging from professional to do things. The job itself will also develop the ability to be more confident.
3. Internships: You as soon as possible, start the internship. All students know how to get a job internship is important but they do not give attention to this. You can do internships in college holidays. May be it will give you good jobs excuse.
4. Find Mentors must: like anything in our lives that require us to a mentor. A mentor who knows you well, and you may know him better. Most Indian students believe their parents it's a good thing to be her mentor. But even away from your family should be a mentor to encourage you to do something. Especially if you want to go into the field, connected to him must find a mentor.
5. Professional Development Group joined: Your college days Begin joined the professional group. For this you can connect to your college Alumnai. By doing this you will find information about Professionals. From here you can start networking. Maybe none of these groups give you a job offer.