Former Governor of Bihar Ramakrishna died Suryban Gavai

Republican Party of India leader Ramakrishna Suryban Gavai brain haemorrhage caused by the July 25, 2015 passed away. He was 86. His wife, two sons and a daughter are involved.

They are due to close relations with Babasaheb Ambedkar, and they were known as Ambedkar was one of the few volunteers who had accepted Buddhism in Deekshabhoomi in 1956. Gavai Deekshabhoomi at Nagpur has also served as Chairman of the monument.

Deekshabhoomi globally by Babasaheb Buddhist monument and symbol to be accepted as the site goes to Gavai credited with popularizing worldwide.

In 1998, Gavai 12th Lok Sabha elected from Amravati and in 2006 was appointed the Governor of Bihar. He briefly served as the governor's executive Sikkim. On 26 June 2008 he was appointed governor of Kerala and his term ended on August 25, 2011.