10 Interview questions that determine emotional intelligence

10 Interview questions that determine emotional intelligence
There are some questions that every company has to ask before hiring. Fix does not answer any of these questions. Everyone according to their own understanding of their answers.

If you are preparing to interview so these 10 questions already ready.

1. Who is your role model treats. Most of whom
have been affected?

2. If you open my own company in the future, how to plan, prepare for him?

3. If you own a business, what are your values. Explain any three values?

4. Why do you want this job / want.

5. You work in the office to believe in friendship?

6. What is a quality which you want to see?

7. What can you teach us something?

8. What is success for you? Better remuneration, better job or anything else?

9. Why do we let this job?

10. What do you want from this company?

These questions are such that every company asks. However, most people think that what we have heard these questions a good salary and the job means. However, it says that no one in his heart just simply give Rs boss and do not want anything. However, it is nice to think that you are already ready with good answers to these questions here and show your intelligence.

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