Trouble For The Government To Recruit Urdu Teachers

Recruitment of Urdu teachers in primary schools has become the government's trouble. Assistant Teacher Government ' Urdu ' three rounds of counseling since 4280 to fill the position filled without a complete moratorium on recruitment. Moallim of the pre-1997 degree candidates and tet was pretty chill. Referring to the Court ordered the government to stop giving back. Moallim degree but are not satisfied with the government’s argument. Making it the fourth Counselling demand continues to fill the vacancies. Over their demands by the end of the month candidates ' not so soft Moallim no' state- run movement. 

Recruitment of Assistant Teachers Urdu August 2013 five of the ad removed. It Moallim before August 11, 1997 - e - Urdu degree holders appointed by the government to give a maximum age limit of 62 years was. Typically, October 28, 20 Nov. and December 18, 2013 counseling were provided. Contrary to the rules of the National Council for Teacher Education Recruitment July 2013 for the first time in primary and upper primary level

Language tet held. According to the guide line of the NCTE individual language is no provision to tet.The High Court on November 20 2013 academic record, teacher recruitment

The government rejected the 15th Amendment. Despite three rounds over four thousand vacant counseling. A. Moallim degree of government pressure on the fourth counseling are provided. Uttar Pradesh.
Urdu Moallim unemployed union state president Mohd. Jia said that the government did not withhold counseling without completing recruitment. If the demands are not met Counselling was the fourth state-wide campaign to be waged against the government.