One Exam To Become A Teacher In The Country: NCTE

Improve schooling is preparing for changes in the training of teachers. The National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE), the Teacher Education is preparing to launch four new courses. At the national level these courses will be based on the entrance examination. These courses fifth, eighth, tenth and 12th grade will be required to become a teacher.

Justice JS Verma Commission in accordance with the recommendations of the NCTE step towards improving the quality of teacher education has increased. NCTE has its preparation. 12th in the country for classroom teachers training will be the same. It will be the same for the entrance exam. In addition, teachers' training methods, duration and will have wide variations in the system. By the fifth Inter candidates to become a teacher after the ' Diploma in Elementary Education will have to. This diploma is of two years duration. Similarly, the four -year diploma in eight classes must Elementary Education. It will be followed by Intermediate, which would be four years. After the 10th class to teach Intermediate Bachelor of Secondary Education course must Integrated. PG is now compulsory to B.Ed. With. He said that private educational institutions in the country, about 90 per cent of teachers are teaching. Establishing teacher education institutes in UP and Bihar, the ability to prepare qualified teacher is going to feel an urgent need to create.