Lower Subordinate Interview Program again Change

Lower Subordinate Interview Program again Change
Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission for recruitment to the posts of Lower Subordinate dates of interviews to be held once again be changed. Interviews and election dates are hit together. Because of this, the Commission has taken this decision. The revised dates will be announced soon.

In this case, the Supreme Court rejected the petition of competitors, the Commission issued a revised schedule of interviews. According to an April interview are due by May 12.
In contrast, the State Election Commission six stages 10, 17, 24 and 30 April and announced seven and May 12 polls. Lower Subordinate interview special is that these six dates.

In an interview sidestep these dates is fixed. In addition to these dates, a day before and the days after the interview to revamp the program. Public Service Commission says Anil Yadav had announced prior to the date of the interview, so the situation has become. Date of Interview will be revised.

PCS -2011: scaling alleged defects in-

Allahabad: Students Struggle Committee competitor competitors associated with disturbances in the scaling of the main examination of PCS -2011 charged. Competitors allege that after scaling particular group of candidates in the examination unexpectedly increase in number while at the same concerning other applicant ratings are real.