Hearing Details Of TET Case In Supreme Court Today

Hearing Details Of TET Case In Supreme Court Today
Today’s hearing of the point wise information -
1 - The case began at 12:05 .

2 - The hearing lasted only 4 minutes .

3 - There were claims that the State Merit Leaders .. Lawyer is coming from. The lawyers claim the top... All went so wrong.

4 - TET senior counsel were the only leaders .

5 - State leaders advocate Home work was not completed . Were reluctant to debate. And take the next date .. Prayed for .

6 - The judge , he said the final debate certificate summit.. And.. Come on... 25 march.

7 - The hearing ended.

Arbitrary and not justified by the government now will pay off, even in the case of contempt our State leaders to refrain Vilnb but would no longer appropriate. Please wait no longer the brother brothers decided they would not say so and see on 25 march. Because right now because neither waiting since 25 May after that date will be April 15 th date then there will be no long date as of August September . Made fun of us worked hard to earn the trust of the people's unemployment poor person ... Now whenever you think it will be final only after 5-6 months of that will have to do...
The Next Hearing Date Is 25March2014