Government Order (G.O.) For Joining Of UP Shikshamitra

Basic Education Council of the state of the adjunct faculty positions Shicshamitron adjustment range is tricky. Legislative Council in the state of ongoing teacher - Bachelor election process due to model code of conduct applicable service manual for Basic Education department could not yet. Letter from the Commission came to the department with a manual drill officers were helpless. On January 28, the state government had decided Shicshamitron adjustments. Adjustments on February 14 with the relaxation of eligibility rules were approved.

1. Government Order (G.O.) For UP Shikshamitron
Three days later, on February 17 at the Department of Basic Education documents returned with information of the Cabinet decision. The rules of the language department documents sent to the Gazette. Sources of the Legislative Council election process is set to be announced during the general election. So about three months and then will not be able to start any new work. Officers involved in the service manual for Basic Education unaided came from the EC on paper framed.