General Studies Quiz For Public Service Commission

Here given below 20 question and their answers for the public Service Commission examination .Please read and share my blog article.

1. What is the current governor of Jharkhand? - Syed Ahmed

2. What woman officer of the Indian Foreign Service is India's new Foreign Secretary? - Sujatha Singh

3. Who was India's first woman foreign secretary? - CHOKILA Iyer

4. 100 meters world record in the race, which is currently the player's name. - Yusen bolt

5. Europe is still the name of the largest telecommunications satellite. - Alfaset

6. Kaoru launch center in French Guyana India recently launched it’s what the weather satellite. - Inset 3- D

7. What is VAT tax? - Indirect consumption tax

8. PSU Navratna status which year was the establishment of the Rural Electrification Corporation. - 1969

9. Chit Fund Company to prevent fraud, the Government has decided to give more powers to which organization. - SEBI

10. Under the new rules of the Central Bank of Reserve Bank of India KYC risk customers once complete will make so many years. - 8 years

11. Northeast Kingdom Vuriyl hydropower project which is being constructed. - Mizoram

12. The Government of India has launched what name tobacco control campaign. - Tears You Apart

13. Bangalore airport, which was renamed the government has approved the new name. Kempeguda Airport

14. How many international airports in Kerala is present. - 3 (Thiruvananthapuram, Kochi, Kozhikode)

15. In which district of Kerala Government approves the setting up of an international airport. - Kannur

16. Clean India Campaign, the Taj Mahal and Red Fort in Delhi which the company took over the task of cleaning. ONGC

17. Clean India campaign to clean up the country's many monuments have been identified. - 36

18. Union Tourism Minister tourist destination which introduced the Clean India campaign. - Taj Mahal

19. Famous Indian economist Amartya Sen was awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics in the year. - 1998

20. Which Indian industrialist your company to apply for new banking licenses by the RBI since resigned from the board of directors. - Kumar Mangalam Birla