UPTET Case: Supreme Court Rejected The Government's Demand

Here is the positive side of today's hearing, the Supreme Court rejected the government's demand that stay on. Now the order of the High Court on February 20, which was held on 20 November, will be completed in three months. Within three months of the court's decision not to follow the rules to “contempt of court " file that can be writ -related.
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               As you must be aware that the Supreme Court’s decision in our case is to be heard on March 3. Judicial Court on contempt charges when the government will stick to its own intelligence that will stick less sense. And the Supreme Court order of March 3 before our recruitment process will commence. And so far as I have seen that the writ of judicial contempt hearing is enough for 1 or 2 dates. Get the gang ready to put the noose to hang around the neck of the government, because the government has so far hundreds of our brothers - sisters is a noose around the neck. Hundreds of our brother - sister committed suicide.

This Government sore with contempt too high court order that the firm designed to get into the noose and now all the time without contempt case to High Court to file departure.

Stay in Front of not having his victory Tate is understood.
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Bench in my case is the case with non-Tate.
So stay order could not pass.
Bench do not order a stay on the case.
Order now will only >>>

Tate is a qualifying examination; give or not give weightage dependent on the government.
Amendment right to state government
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