Three Years Is Pending Recruitment Of 72,825 Teachers In U.P.

Recruitment Of 72,825 Teachers
Up to 2015 shikshamitra all adjustments even after reduction of three million teachers in up. Right to education Act applied in primary schools up 4 86182 teachers. These are just shikshamitra 1.70 million. Adjustment even after training is complete in 2011 will be up to fill the posts of assistant teachers 72825 three years undergoing But still cannot recruit is found free and compulsory child education Act applied to teachers eligibility test (TET) applicable.

Recruit teachers since it has reached the Supreme Court and the case pending. Teachers in the State three years to choose only a few thousand on teacher recruitment. Sources say that where ten thousand per year teacher to retire were, but now every year 20 thousand teachers are going to retire every year. In such cases every year in the rough after a way out the teachers in teachers Posts do not decrease. Departmental officials say that even after selecting shikshamitra close to three million vacant longer. Now those posts on recruiting in the case to the Supreme Court after running only by the middle of next year will shikshamitra after adjustment teachers will be fill vacancies. According to sources shikshamitra Assistant teacher make doting days the rules will be announced it will begin soon after adjustment.
BTC and BTC will receive specific benefits also: shikshamitra Assistant teacher posts in the Cabinet approval of the adjustment on the BTC and BTC have specific training of shikshamitra also shikshamitron in the State of the beneficiary will top 4,000. In choosing the BTC and BTC shikshamitron shikshamitra specific quota.