The Main Point To Writ In Court:Shikshamitra Recruitment

1. Shicshamitr is a contract appointment.
2. The contract is only 11 months.
3. Do not get honorarium of June.
4. Contracts 'Gram Panchayat' level, district cadre appointment, how could it be?
5. Very Shicshamitron the teaching - teaching is done... Honorarium also have regular graduate degree.... is illegal.
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The Main Point To Writ In Court:Shikshamitra Recruitment
6. Cabinet, Uttar Pradesh without the Right to Education Act, the Central Government, and NCTE may not modify permission.
7. The double bench of the High Court to appoint Shikshamitra passed by the State is mandatory contempt of the order.
8. Follow reservation did not reserve set aside on such a scale is also unconstitutional.
9. Log in UP BTC Merit are limited. Distance education system for all training together without any admission procedure is illegal to enter the IGNOU is also limited in each course. This training is only for regular teachers and IGNOU is for the contract.
10. Why so negative placement system available to millions tet passed?