TET Passed Candidates Go To Refuge Of Court In Case Of UP S.M.

supreme court of india
The Court will be in the shelter of TET pass, East of Lok Sabha elections shikshamitron TET without Assistant teacher make government decision B.ed+TET passed candidates descended down the throat.
Candidates are upset with the government's decision. High Court against the government of candidates are preparing to go to the shelter. Shicshamitron movement for more than a decade are complimentary to the government last week.
Tet exam without making the adjunct faculty sealed cabinet. Even after the government's decision to pass on the B.Ed+TET
candidates sitting at home in anger against the government. BEd candidates Sarvesh Mishra said the family spent a lot of money.
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Then the government also provided tet test but is not appointed to the post of teachers. Only graduate studies merely adjunct faculty who are being trained Shicshamitron . Shicshamitron their studies to become a teacher’s assistant will be useless. Similarly, candidate Shailesh Mishra, Vinay Maurya, Akhilesh Yadav and Amit lamp raged over the government's decision. Candidates said the government is doing this for vote bank politics. Government will suit filed against the judgment of the court.