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Shikshamitron state government is in no mood to take on the adjustment of the generosity. In correspondence to the age of 62 BTC even if it is expensive to adjust. Job a few months after they retire should be made. High- level meeting on Sunday was considered these issues. It was also noticed that if the government does not have the money to pay their adjustment after the state government would bear the costs.
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Adjustments to the proposed Uttar Pradesh Basic Education Council (teaching assistant) Rules 2014 were also studied. Male shikshamitr education - teaching assistant and female Shikshamitron - assistant's name was proposed. 

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Basic Education Council Shikshamitr 1.70 lakh teachers in primary schools on contract basis for cooperation have been installed. The state government also plans to adjust the two-year correspondence BTC training bases. The Cabinet’s decision. Government wants tet does not restrict them to adjustments, so different from the way is being sought. The Department of Basic Education has drafted rules separately.
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It is proposed to accommodate post- graduate training Shikshamitron . Adjusting for the District Institute of Education and Training (DIET) committee will be chaired by the principal. The Member Secretary of the District Basic Education Officer and Principal of Government Inter College category. BTC general, specific or Urdu BTC BTC Shikshamitron the Trainee will be given priority. UP President Ghazi Imam Ala and primary Shikshamitr Union Minister Anil Yadav claimed that two - three days is preparing to issue orders to their adjustment.

Joining for Shiksha Mitra modify teacher education manuals

How to get the benefit of 62 years -
Shikshamitr in the state by 2000 began the process of placing and closed in 2009. Inter ability to keep them and kept the age range of 18 to 35. Reserved class, disabled and widowed women were in the age range was extended for 5 years. The state government correspondence BTC graduate and two -year-old who has decided to adjust itself. Inter are almost 46 thousand Shikshamitr in the state. So with the two -year training graduated three years it would take at least five years . If you have been selected in such a situation, the age limit will be higher in 2000. So the idea is that even those who were given the age of 62.