ShikshaMitra Will Become Assistant Teacher Without Application Form

Teacher education process of making friends has been fixed. If the teacher is not to be pulled into newspapers nor the form will be filled. With the issuance of revised rules UP Tutor Service issued a mandate to start the process of creating them will be the teacher. Selection will be made ​​on the basis of letters in the names list. The adjustment will be based in the same schools. BTC correspondence had been trained in the first phase and 57,886 graduate teaching assistant teacher will be friends.
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The state government had been trained graduate and two -year correspondence education teacher decided to have supportive friends. Is not mandatory for them to TET. According to the Cabinet decision to modify the service manual Language Department teachers Uttar Pradesh has been sent. Rules to be notified as soon as the decree of education adjustment will be friends. The whole process of adjustment of friends in education mandate has been fixed.
The Main Point To Writ In Court:Shikshamitra Recruitment
District Institute of Education and Training (DIET) district committee will be chaired by the principal. The District Inspector of Schools, district administration, the principal officer and senior members of Government Inter College. Member Secretary of the District Basic Education Officer concerned and that will be the appointing authority.

Teacher education to make friends nor their application no ads will be removed. Examination by regulatory authorities two years of training to pass the exam successfully to the list of correspondence will be created. It’s their graduation certificates and correspondence training will be tested. Selection list will be prepared based on the letters of the name. Basic Education Officer after approval by the District Committee shall issue appointment letter. Such as appointment letter - will release such education will continue to be adjusted friends. Commissioned by the Department of Basic Education said the process would be completed within two months.