Shiksha Mitra Will not be adjusted without TET Exam: Human Resource Development

Teachers are expected to be performed regularly throughout the country sitting on the millions spent on temporary Shikshamitron Ministry of Human Resource Development has been hanging sword. The Ministry has made ​​it clear that passes without tet teacher will not stay in the teaching work after March 31, 2015. Go on to state that UP , Bihar , including over a dozen states , given the unavailability of qualified teachers Shikshamitro and temporary teachers have been recruited . Are told that the number of such teachers across the country over six million.

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These temporary teacher also created pressure on state governments are making regular teacher. Development, education, friends, during the visit of Chief Minister of Bihar has had to face huge opposition. UP the great movement of the demand in Lucknow. The government has made it clear that under the Education Act after March 31, 2015 will not stay in any deployment of teachers. After this decree education and teaching training tet friends have been lost hopes of relief. According to the ministry if they want confirmation essentially within two years Diploma in Elementary Education (D.Eld.) and tet will have to pass the training. According to information from many states Shikshamitron relieve the tet sought guidance from the government, which refused to discount the Ministry of Human Resource Development. Remember that 13 state governments in the recruitment of teachers in the standards of the National Council for Teacher Education are exempt.

The Council of State has directed that the untrained teachers assess additional training needs. According to the instructions D.Eld. 2015 untrained teachers with training to qualify as tet. Meanwhile, several states up tet process could not materialize. BEd degree holders in the center of the March 2015 deadline for the requested increase.