Shiksha Mitra will become as a Assistant Teachers without TET

Tet state itself without Shicshamitron 1.70 million will be adjusted to the position of assistant teacher. Assistant teacher's salary will be adjusted to Shicshamitron. Shicshamitr adjunct faculty who will become 60 years old. Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav chaired the Cabinet meeting on Friday Shicshamitron to adjust to the post of assistant teacher UP Teacher Service manual amendment was approved in 1981, which it has been allocated. In the first phase, the second phase will be 60 thousand to 64 thousand Shicshamitron Shicshamitr adjunct faculty will be adjustments.
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The remaining 46 thousand Shicshamitron teacher by training would be helpful. Mandate in this regard will be issued soon.

Reporters after the Cabinet meeting, the Chief Minister informed of this decision. He has made it clear that they will adjust the position of teacher. Shicshamitron revised rules approved by the Cabinet in two years as an assistant teacher training provision has to be adjusted to the post. Shicshamitron training - such as would be granted to them will continue to be adjusted. 60 thousand to 64 thousand Shicshamitron training has been completed, while the last phase of the training process. The remaining 46 thousand of the training is to be completed by 2015. January 14, 2011 in the state National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) after getting permission from the correspondence BTC Shicshamitron two-year training process has been initiated. Ready to adjustments made ​​in the manual adjustment of the position of adjunct faculty from Shicshamitr graduate qualification is fixed. Many Shicshamitr Inter are nearby. Therefore it will become a teacher after graduation age is 60 years. In the third phase of the training is to be Shicshamitron 46 thousand, most of whom are Inter. They have graduated to become a teacher assistant. Shicshamitron in primary schools in the state selection process began in March 2000.

In the first phase, to assist teachers in primary schools in rural areas, two - two Shicshamitron was placed. Ability to Shicshamitr Inter was fixed. The Village Education Committees were given a choice. After good results from rural areas to urban areas in 2006 Shicshamitron placed in primary schools.