Reserved Category Required Only 82 Marks In TET

Teacher eligibility reserved category in the examination to candidates have only 82 marks preparation of to accept. So far is considered on 83 points. National Council for Teacher Education position clear from basic education department after soon in this regard in the preparation of revised to issue replacement.
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Right to Education Act to become a teacher after the implementation of TET for to pass has been made mandatory. TET examination of 150 points. It to the candidates of general category, i.e. 60 per cent have received 90 points. Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribes, other Backward Classes, dependent fighter freedom struggle, Former Military myself and disabled category, i.e. 55 per cent to the candidates have 83 points on receipt is considered.

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The reserved category TET some candidates have objection, it is argued in 150 points 55 per cent thirty sits 82 points. So, the State Government to get 82 points near to the candidates of reserved category should be considered. Some of the failure of one point in the rule candidates in NCTE to giving a representation with representation. NCTE has made it clear that if 82 points reserved category candidate do they should be accepted. Basic Education Department revised on the basis of this order in the preparation of.