Railway Related General Knowledge Quiz

Railway Related General Knowledge Quiz
Here given 15 Railway Related General Knowledge Quiz and their Answer-

1. What is the width of the broad gauge railway line? - 1.676 m

2. The distance covered by the first train in India? - 34 km

3. Which is the first electric train plying in India? - Deccan Queen (welfare Pune)

4. Life Line Express (Life Line Express) began what year? In -1991

5. India’s longest railway tunnel is? - Pir Panjal ( Benihl railway tunnel)

6. Where is the longest railway platform? - Boston

7. What is the train that runs between India and Bangladesh? - Matri Express

8. There is a railway line in which Indian state? - Meghalaya

9. The world’s oldest steam engine, which is still in working order, is? - The Fairy Queen (Fairy Queen), in India

10. Independent India's first Railway Budget was presented Kinhonne? - John Mathai

11. What is the slogan of Indian Railways? - Nation's Life Line (Lifeline of the Nation)

12. Indian Railway Museum (Museum) Where? - Chanakyapuri, New Delhi

13. Railway Staff College is located where? - In Baroda

14. Indian railways in the world in terms of the length of the rail line is which? - Fourth

15. What is the length of the zone of Indian Railways? - Northern Railway