IBPS Clerk General Interview 2013: Interview FAQs

IBPS clerical cadre recruitment exam for candidates who are going to hold formal interviews. The written exam November 13, 2013, December 01, 2013 December 7, 2013 December 08, 2013 December 14, 2013 was held 15 December 2013.
IBPS Clerical Exam scores obtained in 2013 by the Commission will interview candidates. Who qualified candidates to interview for jobs in public sector banks - have faced boards? In an interview commonly asked questions are provided. Here given top question which ask in interview of IBPS

Q. Where do you come from?
Q. I / We place / city / state tell us about?
Q. What did her / it is famous for?
Q. Tell me about yourself?
Q. Tell us about yourself in a minute?
Q. A term defined by the?
Q. It’s defined by a line?
Q. Please describe yourself?
Q. As its name implies, who put your name and why?
Q. The amount a name?
Q. What is your father's name and their jobs - Profile?
Q. Is your family background?
Q. What are your hobbies and interests?
Q. This organization is the use of your addictions?
Q. Your educational background?
Q. Your track record?
Q. No Extra Curricular Activity?
Q. If you did not win this time, what would you do?
Q. Why do you want to come in the banking sector?
Q. A bank officer should come in person to do? Do you understand, do you have these qualities?
Q. I / we know about this organization?
Q. Who is the founder of the bank?
Q. Why success has eluded you so far?
Q. Even before you have passed an exam?
Q. If this test cannot be your choice, what would you do?
Q. How many members are there in your family?
Q. What does your mother or your mother a housewife or are no jobs?
Q. Where did you spend your childhood?
Q. When the bank was nationalized?
Q. The bank's current financial situation?
Q. Who is your role model? Or the person who most influenced you?
Q. What type of banking is helpful in your subject?
Q. Why is there a gap in your studies?
Q. Your strong and weak side?
Q. Science / Arts / Commerce student being, why did not you go for higher studies?
Q. Which - prefer to read newspapers and magazines? Tell me the name of the editor of a newspaper?
Q. Why you should choose us?
Q. If you want to be an officer?
Q. Are you married?
Q. If you marry after the exam, so I do hope that you will take a lot of money as dowry?
Q. A girlfriend? If not, why not?
Q. What is your life about?
Q. You race - Certificate / character - what the certificate was official?
Q. Why do not your family business?
Q. Your ideal man / leader / team who - what and why?
Q. What is the importance of passion in our lives?
Q. There is no other hobby, what's your opinion about them? They are not creative?
Q. I do not know Hindi , English and especially South Indian languages come to me , because I 'm from the south , so please talk to me , please speak in English .
Q. You Hindi - through, but we are sorry to say that we in the south are vacant. And as you said, you love to talk in Hindi. So, if we’ve mentioned, you will adjust how in the south, where very few people know Hindi?
Q. Someone in your family is serving in the banking industry? If so, who are they and what is working in the bank?