Formula to adjust UP Shikshamitra

The government to accommodate the formula shikshamitra search. End of these tet fossilized shiksha-sahayak will be made Their responsibility under SSA which is running the schemes to be seen. What did the children for instance, food is getting uniform found or not, books are getting from the time or not. In addition, the teacher wrote in schools-work they have read them all to be Department wants that these Assistant teacher from 9300 34800 equal pay scales and grade 4200 given, final decision on approval of creation of the posts and the Finance Department would depend on Rules on Friday for making churning on this draft.

1.70 Lakh in primary schools of the State Education friends. Now for these new Pay Scales and designation is being made. Uttar Pradesh Basic Education Act, 1972 has been given in rule 19 of under has the right that he Directorate separate created post. Only on the basis of this new post is being created. Post from Chief Minister after getting permission on pay scales and Department of Personnel will be creation of posts After this education process of adjustment of friends.

If shikshmitron adjust teacher post tet it is required to. Right to Education Act after the implementation of State Government has made rules for making that tet have teacher would be mandatory The same High Court order. Therefore, Government has removed the way between.