Amazing Facts Of The World

Here given Some amazing facts of the world ............... !!!!!!!!!

1. Realized the name of the woman to have more children in the world - Russia's Maria Iskova!

Realized 42 years old, 58 children (4 children 3 times, 3 children 10 times and 2 children 8 times).

2. Switzerland is the richest country in the world.

3. Realized Saudi Arabia is not a single river.

4. Rockefeller of America is the world's largest charitable man who donated his life Realized Realized Rs 75 billion given to the public interest.

5. the most expensive item is uranium.

6. The hills of South Australia Realized Ayars change color daily.

7. 1843 World Realized holiday began Sunday.

8. Overall Realized that 2792 languages ​​are spoken all over the world.