U.P. ShikshaMitra Teacher Adjustment Rules

Basic Education Minister Ram Govind Chaudhary Shikshamitron it clear that the same shall be adjusted to the position of teacher. She has been teaching since last 14 years but will be adjusted so by not appointing them. Basic Education Minister has made ​​clear that Shikshamitron after it became clear what the position will be adjusted. Cabinet's decision on the adjustment of the exercise Shikshamitron has intensified. Has started the process of creating rules for them. The Uttar Pradesh shikkhamitra teacher friend (assistant teacher position) Manual adjustment is being made. Shikshamitron the two -year-old assistant teacher training provision will be adjusted to the position. Education of friends - such as the training process ends will be made ​​to accommodate them.

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Shikshamitron recruited as a teacher said government

Uttar Pradesh, January 14, 2011 the National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) after getting permission from Shikshamitron two -year process initiated correspondence BTC training. After completion of the training process, learning from friends adjustment process was to begin in January 2014. Shikshamitr on orders delaying adjustment rollicking movement. One group sat on the lay public value of the second group - spearheaded Manual. The government has come under pressure and quick - albeit in adjusting their proposals have been made by cabinet. Shikshamitron official who was briefed on the adjustment just adjust the words used therein. That seemed to be causing confusion about it, do not know how they will be adjusted to the position.

In the departmental minister made ​​it clear that the talks will be the teacher.

Court said-
Shikshamitra are read in primary schools over the years. Teaching system of handling this much support. After seeking permission from the National Council of teacher education two-year-old is being trained. They will complete the training as teachers will be adjusted on the post.

What happened on the command adjustments-?

Receiving shikshamitron training adjustment orders March 2013, the then Principal Secretary was issued by basic education Sunil Kumar. It was told that shikshamitron will be adjusted in three steps. In the first phase the second phase in January 2014, 60 shikshamitron 64 thousand December 2014 and third stage 46 thousand teachers in September 2015 will be adjusted on the post.

How did shikshamitron selection ?
Shikshamitron State primary schools began the process of selection of March 2000. In the first phase to assist teachers in the elementary schools of rural areas for two education has kept friends. Shikshamitra ability to keep inter laid. They were given the right to choose the village education committees. After good results from rural areas in 2006 urban area has kept shikshamitron in primary schools.