1.70 Lakh Shiksha Mitra will be adjusted As A Assitant Teacher

Basic Education Council engaged in primary schools will be adjusted to Shiksha mitron 1.70 million. Uttar Pradesh Basic Education Act of 1972 provided in Rule 19 of the Rules will be set aside for them by virtue of powers. Department of Basic Education in seven days, Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav has drafted rules. Cabinet to take final decision on this has authorized the Chief Minister. This decision was made ​​at a cabinet meeting on Tuesday.
Adjustment shall be exempted from the tet or not it will be included in the manual. Although it is unclear how they will be adjusted to the position, which led to confusion remains in Shiksha mitron .

At A Glance-
1. after shikshamitron to allow the two-year-old Government Orders 11 Jul 2011 to BTC training correspondence was released. In the first phase the first phase the second phase 64 60 thousand, thousand and third stage 46 thousand shikshamitron training. Shikshamitron of the first stage of training is finished in 2013 and December exams regulatory authority has also issued its result.
2. become a separate rules, Chief Minister to make informed decisions.
BTC Students Teach From First Semester
Shiksha mitra 1.70 million in state primary schools are involved. After the enactment of the Right to Education Act to impose mandatory teacher has been trained in schools. The state government, after getting permission from the National Council for Teacher Education Shikshamitron correspondence BTC two years of training mandate was issued on 11 July 2011. In the first phase 60 thousand in the first stage, second stage and third stage 64 thousand to 46 thousand Shikshamitron being trained. The first phase ended in December 2013 Shikshamitron training and examination regulatory authority has issued these results.